Friday, February 20, 2009

Only in Indiana

I'm sure that we've all heard the phrases, "Only in Indiana," and, "Crazy Indiana weather." You may have even heard them recently. This has been some pretty crazy weather we've been having the past couple weeks. We started off the semester and had that week with record windchill lows. It would be super cold during the week and then warm up on the weekends. This was good for our weekend plans, but it made our walks to class pretty miserable. There were times I couldn't even feel my face!

Shortly after this, we got all that snow. I asked a friend how long she thought the snow would stay around, and her guess was March. Obviously she was wrong. The weather turned unusually warm, and it all melted. The temperatures continued to rise into the 50s and 60s during the day at the beginning of last week, and people were even going to class in shorts, tshirts, and flip flops. I thought they were crazy. It might have warmer than what we had been having, but it wasn't that warm.

Then last Wednesday, we got that wonderful February rain. I wasn't just rain. It was more of a downpour with lots of wind. I don't usually mind the rain since I always carry an umbrella with me, but the wind makes it worse. It blows the rain under your umbrella or turns it inside out. This is never pleasant.

The rain came and went, and it took our warm weather with it. Yesterday the windchill dropped into the negatives again. I was glad to see that it warmed up a little today especially since I am camping out with the Paint Crew outside of Mackey tonight. We are going to have to be close together to use each other's body heat for warmth. There is a light wintry mix turning into snow in the forecast for tonight, so hopefully that won't be too bad. I don't really want to get sick from this.

We can just hope that the worth of the winter is over with. Spring break is only three weeks away with the official first day of spring that week too. Hopefully the change of season will bring the warm weather along with it to stay.